Event & Committee Chairs

Chip Shoppe Fundraiser: Chris Laufenberg, Kelly Crocker, Carrie Duggan
REAP Holioday Fundraiser: Heather Sheehan
Yankee Candle Fundraiser:
Chris Laufenberg, Kelly Crocker and Carrie Duggan
Butter Braids Fundraiser:
Chris Laufenberg, Kelly Crocker and Carrie Duggan
Box Tops for Education: April Bauer
Staff Appreciateion Week: Jen Stewart
Go Nuts for Doughnuts: Heather Sheehan
Mingle Over Kringle: Heather Sheehan
Family Fun Night: Carolyn Starr
End of the Year Picnic: Karen Worden
Cultural Arts:
Joy Schleusner & Lainie Wade
International Day:
Maggie Diamond-Stanic
Book Fair: Ingrid Gruett and Julie Buxton
Nutrition & Health: Heather Sheehan
Spirit Wear: Rickie Riccardi
SchoolKids Supply Kits:
Amie Armstrong
Student Directory: Chris Laufenburg and Kelly Crocker
Student Yearbook: Amanda Chestnut
PTO Webmaster: Mike Schneck
PTO Social Media: Amanda Chestnut

Grade Level Parents
Each GLP acts as a liaison between that specific grade and the PTO

Kindergarten: Laura Conners & Kivi Koeppe
1st Grade: Lan Lam & Becca Mauer
2nd Grade:
3rd Grade: April Bauer, Kristin Florin, Katie Kastman
4th Grade: Lan Lam